Destination Favours & Gifts

Destination Weddings are a modern trend that is increasing in popularity with Canadian Couples. It works especially well for people who choose small destination weddings and want to combine their honeymoon with the wedding trip. Most often the Wedding Destination is a Tropical Beach but it can also include a local wedding destination such as the Muskokas, Niagara Falls or another province within Canada. Other popular destinations are: Paris, Las Vegas and Banff. Sometimes a Destination Wedding is necessary for couples who are from vastly different geographic locations. We have shipped to customers who are doing a Destination Wedding (for only one side of the family) because they are marrying a fiancé from another country. Essentially, half the guests will have to travel to a destination. We have shipped to customers who have taken their Destination Wedding Favours to Australia, Vietnam, Nigeria, South Africa, England and Brazil to name a few.

Keep in mind that you will have limited choices when booking a Destination Wedding so you want to choose little details that will travel well and add a touch of personality to the Wedding package you have selected.

Items such as Wedding Sunglasses, Paper Umbrellas, Paper Hand Fans, Lightweight Favours and Sand Ceremonies are popular items for our couples who are venturing south to marry for a Destination Wedding. A word to the wise about Destination Wedding choices- Pack light!